April, May, June and July Prize Draws

The first three draws of the current year were delayed due to Coronavirus restrictions, but eventually the draw was made on Sunday 26th July 2020. The draw was made in the Guild Room after 10:00 Mass, witnessed by parishioner Mrs R Shorten. Congratulations to all the following winners shown below:

April Draw

First£15No 183Mrs A M F Smith
Second£10No 188Mrs T Rose
Third£5No 182Mr N Fox
Fourth£5No 203Mr & Mrs A Ford

May Draw

First £15No 139Mrs B Knox
Second£10No 46Mr N Fox
Third£5No 136Mrs V Davison
Fourth£5No 138Mrs J Fox

June Draw

First£15No 199Mr & Mrs R Cork
Second£10No 238Mrs A Payne
Third£5No 216Miss S Fosker
Fourth£5No 180Mr N Fox
June Bonus£20No 143Mrs D Casey

July Draw

First £15No 194Mr & Mrs M Mayston
Second£10No 250Mrs C Long
Third£5No 240Mr & Mrs M Mayston
Fourth£5No 129Mr & Mrs A Ford