Building Development Work

Our neighbour at No 2 Highfield Approach, the house opposite the church, will shortly be embarking on some building work that is likely to last for 6 or 7 months. As part of this work, it has been agreed that the building contractor will have access to the hall car park to erect scaffolding when the new walls are built along the boundary line. It has also been agreed that the leylandii trees in the front right hand side of the car park will be removed, including roots, and be replaced by a 1.8 metre high close boarded wooden fence to separate the properties, with the car park surface being made good. After the building works are complete, some new permanent concrete bollards will be installed in the car park to protect the external wall of the building from accidental car damage. Chris Croker is our contact with the building developer, so any queries, questions or concerns in regard to this work should be directed to Chris direct, using the email address or using the contact form here.