Eucharistic Ministers

Will Eucharistic Ministers please note a change in practice for the 10:00 Mass on Sundays. We will be reverting to the previous practice of using three ministers, one to assist with the distribution of the Body of Christ and two to administer the Precious Blood. The rota for Eucharistic Ministers has been rearranged accordingly, with the first named minister at 10:00 Mass each Sunday distributing the Body of Christ. Please review the revised rota in the narthex, or download a copy here.

An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, often referred to as a Eucharistic Minister, may be required at Mass to assist the celebrating priest with the distribution of Holy Communion. Outside of Mass, an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion may be required to assist the priest to minister Holy Communion to the sick or housebound, to expose and repose the Blessed Sacrament or to assist at a Celebration of Word and Holy Communion in the absence of a priest to celebrate Mass. We are in need of additional persons to join this ministry. If you feel you would like to become a minister, please speak in the first instance to Fr Mathias.