Missio Red Box Promoters Required

St. Mary Magdalen's Parish has, for many years, supported the national Missio overseas charity - parishioners having the famous 'Red Box' in their homes in which to place their donations of small or not so small change - the annual collection raising approx £1000. For a small parish this is a significant sum of money to help others.

The Red Boxes are collected, emptied and counted once a year, usually in early November, by a 'Promoter'. The money is then handed over to the local secretary to complete paperwork etc. before being transferred to the Central Office, Mill Hill for distribution where needed around the world.

The Promoter also distributes a quarterly magazine to the 4-7 people on their round. The work is not difficult but does take up a little bit of time four times a year.

If you would like more information to become involved with supporting this very worthwhile charity as a promoter or indeed having a Red Box in your home please contact Chris Codd 01449 761707 or email by clicking here