33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year: B)

Sun 18th

Old Testament: Dan. 12:1-3
Psalms: Ps. 15:5, 8-11
Epistle: Heb. 10:11-14, 18
Gospel: Mark 13:24-32

Sunday Mass times

Sunday 8:00am 10:00am 6:00pm

Whats Happening


Sale of Cakes & Conserves

To raise funds for CARITAS to help in its refugee work, there will be a sale of cakes & conserves on 17th & 18th November in St Pancras Hall after 6 pm, 9.30 & 11 am Masses to raise funds.


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Today's Gospel

In today’s reading, Mark reports some of Jesus’ teaching given in the temple area of Jerusalem; we hear Jesus warn the crowds not to follow the example of the scribes in seeking honour and attention from others. By indicating that Jesus taught these things while in the vicinity of the temple, Mark is setting the stage for Jesus’ passion.

Jesus then observes how Jewish pilgrims are making their contributions to the temple treasury. The temple in Jerusalem was the centre of Jewish worship in the time of Jesus. It was expected that observant Jews would make pilgrimages to the temple to offer prayer and sacrifices. Pilgrims were also expected to make a financial contribution to the temple treasury.

As we would expect to be the case, Jesus observes that those who were rich contributed large sums to the treasury while those with less means made smaller contributions. A similar situation exists in most of our parishes as well. Jesus calls attention, however, to a poor widow who makes the smallest of contributions - two coins of little value. Jesus upholds the poor widow’s offering for his disciples’ consideration, commending her because her small offering was an act of profound generosity, giving from her livelihood rather than her surplus.

To give from our livelihood is not only an act of generosity - it is also an act of trust in God. We can only give from our need if we trust that God will provide for us. Jesus himself demonstrates the ultimate act of generosity and trust in God as he gives his life for us on the cross.