Parish Priest

Canon Mathew George is parish priest of St Mary Magdalen, but is currently away on a break in India. During his absence we are being looked after by a locum priest, Fr Mathias, who can be contacted at the presbytery - contact details to the left - or by email using the contact form.


Please use the following form to contact St. Mary Magdalens Church. Your email address will not be used for spam. Alternatively you can write to the church using the address below.

St Mary Magdalens RC Church
468 Norwich Road
Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 6JS
P: 01473 741975
M: 07939 920844

How to get here:

Sick and Housebound

Parishioners who are ill, or through disability are unable to attend Sunday Mass, should contact Fr Mathias.  We can arrange for one of our team of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to visit you at home and bring Holy Communion to you at your house.  Use the contact form to get in touch.

Ipswich Hospital

Fr Mathias has been appointed as Catholic chaplain to the Ipswich Hospital following Fr Adrian Gates' recent move.  Fr Mathias is assisted in this role by Deacon Clive Brooks who can be contacted on 01206 396319.  Please contact Fr Mathias or Deacon Clive if you or any member of your family is going into hospital or are taken ill in an emergency and require a priest.

Holy Communion is taken to patients each Sunday morning by a team of Eucharistic Ministers from each of the parishes in the Ipswich deanery.  If you or a family member would like to receive Holy Communion whilst you are in hospital, please let Fr Mathias or Deacon Clive know - you can use the contact form to get in touch.

Other Ipswich Parishes

There are four other Catholic Parishes in Ipswich as follows:

St James Catholic Church,482 Landseer Road, Ipswich, IP3 9LU        

Web site   Tel: 01473 26701

St Mark's Catholic Church, 180 Hawthorne Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0QQ    

Web site   Tel: 01473 684963

St Mary's Catholic Church, 322 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, IP4 4BD 

Web site   Tel: 01473 728115

St Pancras Catholic Church, 1 Orwell Place, Ipswich, IP4 1BD           

Web site   Tel: 01473 252596