Deaths in the Parish

Frank Sutton RIP
Many of you will remember Frank Sutton who with his wife Rosina, was very active in the parish and school in years past. Sadly Frank passed away on 1st November 2022 peacefully at home, with his family around him, after a long battle with cancer. A memorial Mass for Frank was held on Tuesday 29th November . Please pray for the repose of his soul, and for the comfort of his widow, family and friends who mourn his passing.

Fr Martin Orme RIP
It is with great sadness that we announce the Fr Martin Orme, former assistant priest at St Mary Magdalen church, died peacefully on Tuesday 18th October having received the Last Rites on Monday. Funeral arrangements are not yet known but will be advised as soon as they are. Please pray for the repose of Fr Martin's soul and for the comfort of his friends and family who mourn his passing.

Heather Poll RIP
It is with great sadness that we announce that Heather Poll, wife of Jim, passed away on Saturday 3rd September following serious health issues bravely born. Heather, aged 79, was the younger daughter of James and Catherine Barrett, one of the founding families of St Mary Magdalen parish. Please pray for the repose of her soul, and remember also her husband Jim, her daughter Beverley, her sister Molly, brother Michael and all her family and friends who mourn her passing.

Michael Wojciechowski RIP
You may remember back in January, we had a Requiem Mass for Stanislaw Wojciechowski. The Mass on Saturday, 10th September at 12 noon, is a requiem for his son Michael, who sadly died in August. Due to ongoing ill health, Michael had separated himself from his friends and at times from his family.

Annick Smith RIP
Annick Smith who was a regular in the parish for many years, sadly passed away on 9th November 2021. A Requiem Mass was held at St Mary Magdalen church at 2:00 pm on Wednesday 1st December, which, at the request of the family, was live streamed from church so that family and friends in France could witness the service. You can watch the live stream here.

Please pray for the repose of her soul, and remember her family and friends who will be mourning her passing.

Karen Sutton RIP
Many parishioners will know Karen Sutton, daughter of Frank and Rosie, who sadly passed away on Thursday 16th December 2021. Please pray for her and remember her family and friends who mourn her passing.

Jean Ward (née Marchant) RIP
Many of our older parishioners will remember Jean Ward, the elder daughter of Ted and Agnes Marchant who were themselves one of the founding families of the parish. Jean sadly passed away in the St Elizabeth Hospice on Sunday 19th December 2021, after a long struggle with cancer. Her funeral was held at 11:15 am on Monday 24th January, 2022, at the Seven Hills crematorium. Please remember Jean in your prayers, and also the family and friends that mourn her passing.

Martha Ndow-Grace RIP
Martha sadly passed away in hospital on December 28th 2021. Please pray for the repose of her soul, and remember her friends and family who mourn her passing. Her funeral took place at St Mary Magdalen church on Friday 28th January, 2022 at 11:45 am and was followed by her committal at Ipswich crematorium.

Francis Jacobi RIP
Many of our older parishioners will remember Francis Jacobi who, until moving away to Derbyshire in 2015, was a regular at St Mary Magdalen church and many will remember Jacobi's bicycle shop on Norwich Road which he ran for many years. Francis sadly passed away on January 28th 2021 aged 91 years. Please remember Francis in your prayers, and pray also for his wife, family and friends who mourn his passing.

May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescant in pace. Amen.

The Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is located in the south east section of the St Mary Magdalen Catholic Church grounds. It is a tranquil place with flower beds and trees offering a location where the cremated remains of deceased parishioners may be interred and friends and relatives can sit in peaceful surroundings and remember their loved ones.

In accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church, cremated remains are buried and not scattered. Our Christian belief in the resurrection of the dead on the last day means that we treat all human remains with great dignity and respect; our dust and ashes will one day be transformed into the new body of the resurrection, and so should not be allowed to be blown away by the wind, but, rather, reverently laid to rest in the earth.

In order to arrange for such a burial, in the first instance please contact the parish priest, who will provide you with an application form which should be completed and returned before a date and time for the internment can be agreed. There is no fee charged for such burials, but a donation towards the future upkeep of the Memorial Garden would be both appropriate and appreciated; for information, the fee charged by the Millennium Cemetery to bury cremated remains is currently £278.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bury any form of casket or urn containing the remains; rather the remains should be brought to the church in the cardboard box in which the crematorium issues them to the undertaker, and at the burial, they should be reverently poured into the hole which will be prepared in advance.

In order to maintain the character of the Memorial Garden, individual memorials may not be placed at the spot where the burial takes place. However, you may provide a small engraved plaque which we will then fix to the southern church wall within the garden area.

Artificial flowers or wreaths are not permitted to be left in the Memorial Garden. Real flowers may be left but any wrappings and packaging should first be removed. Nothing should be planted in the Memorial Garden flower beds without first obtaining permission from the parish priest.

If you would like to be involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the Memorial Garden where your loved ones are interred, we are always appreciative of offers of help and support.

Memorial Garden Burial Records

The list below contains the details of those deceased parishioners whose ashes have been interred in the Memorial Garden.

Mr Leslie Harry Robinson RIP. Passed away 10th March, 2000 aged 87 years.
Mrs Elizabeth Robinson (
née Mulholland) RIP. Passed away 8th February, 2002 aged 89 years.
Mrs Winfred Frances Razzell RIP. Passed away 1st April 2005, aged 84 years.
Mr John Metcalfe RIP. Passed away 7th February, 2007 aged 74 years.
Mr Claude Turner RIP. Passed away 25th August, 2008 aged 80 years.
Mr Edward Sidney Razzell RIP. Passed away 5th March, 2015 aged 91 years.
Stansilaw Wojciechowski RIP. Passed away in January 2021.
Michael Wojciechowski RIP. Passed away in August 2022 aged 59 years.

May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Parish Forum - 19th March 2022

The second Parish meeting held after the arrival of Fr Paul, was held in the Garden Room on Saturday 19th March, 2022. The notes of this meeting can be read here.

Welcome Ronnie

On Saturday 5th February, Ronnie Penn will be baptised and we welcome him to our parish community. Please remember Ronnie in your prayers, and also pray for his parents Olivia and James.

Parish Forum - 2nd December 2021

The first Parish meeting held after the arrival of Fr Paul, was held in the Garden Room on Thursday 2nd December, 2021. This meeting presented a great opportunity for our parish community to come together as we began a new chapter of service to one another and the Kingdom of God. The notes of this meeting can be read here.


Congratulations to Chantel Luna Nicosia who we welcomed into our parish family on Wednesday 29th December. Please keep Chantel, her parents Creaton and Laura, and all the
family in your prayers this coming week and in the year ahead.

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to Gracjan and Gabriel who received the Lord in First Holy Communion for the first time last Sunday, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi), this having been delayed by a year due the various Covid restrictions and lockdowns. Please remember them in your prayers, that they may grow in their love of the Lord and receive Him regularly in Holy Communion going forward.

The Sick of the Parish

We ask your prayers for all our brothers and sisters who are unwell, afflicted or distressed. Comfort and relieve them according to their needs, and grant them the love and consolation of your Spirit:
John Anderson-Hurst, Peggy Barron, Jason Beaumont, Michael Clarke, Sheila Curry, Fabiana Di Mascio, Patrick Doran, Ron Green, Josephine Kalagira, Jo Kelly, Molly Mc Garry, Yvonne Metcalfe, Robert Mullan, Pauline Newton, Mary O’Reilly, Carol Sims, Pippa Williamson, and Brianna.

Ipswich Hospital Chaplaincy

There is a mixed faith chaplaincy team working at the Ipswich Hospital, Heath Road. This team, in part full time and in part volunteers, helps minister to the spiritual needs of in-patients.

The role of Catholic chaplain is currently unfilled, following the departure of Fr Bineesh OCD from St Marks, and a new appointment is awaited from the Bishop of East Anglia. In the mean time, please let Fr Paul, or any other Ipswich parish priest, know if you, or any member of your family, are going into hospital. Please be aware that for reasons of patient confidentiality, the current practice in the NHS is NOT to inform the chaplains of any Catholics that are admitted to hospital. So unless you or your relatives inform the chaplains of your hospital stay, you will not be visited by a priest or any other member of the chaplaincy team.

Each Sunday morning, a Eucharistic Minister from one of the Ipswich parishes, visits the hospital to take Holy Communion to those that have requested it. However, the hospital gives no patient information to the chaplains, consequently we have no knowledge of Catholic patients. So if you, or any member of your family, are going into hospital and would like to receive the ministrations of the Church whilst there, please let Fr Paul know.