150 Club Hall of Fame

All the information regarding the parish 150 Club was transferred to a computer system in 1994, and records prior to that time are no longer available. Analysis of the computerised data to 31st March 2022 provides some interesting statistics and information, some of which is shown below:

  • Total value of prizes awarded is £29,309.
  • The highest number of prizes won by any single subscriber is 53.
  • The highest total value of prizes won by any single subscriber is £925.
  • The number of different subscribers who have won prizes is 229.
  • The largest number of subscriptions held by any one individual is 15.
  • There are 11 subscribers who hold a single number.
  • The highest number of prizes won by a subscriber holding a single number is 12.
  • The highest total value of prizes won by a subscriber with a single number is £240.
  • Total money contributed to Parish funds is £41,815.

April Prize Draw Results

The April prize draw was made in the Garden Room on Sunday 8th May. The winners are as follows:

First Prize£158Mrs C Sims
Second Prize£1031Mrs A Bardwell
Third Prize£5293Mr & Mrs M Geisel
Fourth Prize£5118Mr J Cleary

Previous Year's Winners

No records of prize winners is available for years prior to computerisation of the 150 Club records in 1994. A complete list of prize winners from then to date can be found below:

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