Henry Teuma RIP

Henry Teuma, a well known parishioner and benefactor, passed away unexpectedly on Friday 19th January in Ipswich Hospital, having been taken suddenly and unexpectedly ill. His requiem Mass will be celebrated at St Mary Magdalens on Friday 16th March at 13:00.

Lent Family Fast Day

Next Friday, 23rd February, is the CAFOD Lenten Family Fast Day - a day to give up a meal and give generously to help some of the poorest people in the world. But not all our brothers and sisters can choose whether or not they go without food. I’d like to tell you about a mother, Marian, and her two sons who live in Zimbabwe. The older son, Tawanda, lived his childhood without enough to eat. Marian used to leave him in the morning to find work. She would return hours later to find him sitting in the same place. “I didn’t have enough food to give him,” she said. “He hadn’t played, or even walked. It was very painful to see him like that.” When Tawanda was a teenager, Marian had another son, Svondo. He was brought up on fresh vegetables, beans and peanut butter. Now seven years old, Svondo is growing healthy and strong. He plays with his friends. He’s happy. These two brothers both had dreams. But one was prevented from reaching his God-given potential.

The difference between these two boys is you. Your donations helped to give Marian some seeds. And she did the rest. She worked hard month after month to grow a vegetable garden and she didn’t stop until it flourished. So unlike Tawanda, Svondo didn’t go hungry. But no child should have to go hungry. Since you began reading this, eight children around the world have died from malnutrition.

Through CAFOD’s Family Fast Day, you can show children like Tawanda and Svondo that they are not forgotten. They are part of our family, and we care. You can donate using one of CAFOD’s Family Fast Day Appeal envelopes available in the narthex, and if you are a tax payer please do fill in the form to Gift Aid your donation. Your gift can help end hunger and poverty across the world. And this Lent, your donation will make double the difference – every £1 donated to CAFOD will be matched by the UK government up to £5 million. If you make a donation of £20 and fill in the Gift Aid form, CAFOD will receive £45!

Next Sunday, 25th February, there will be a second collection for the work of CAFOD. Please return your Gift Aid envelopes and place them in that collection. Please think carefully about what you can do this year to make this Lenten appeal a memorable one.

Looking Towards Lent

Who is this man? For Christians this is the most important question in human history. Jesus asks his followers, “who do the crowds say I am?” and more importantly, “who do you say I am?”

Would you like to rediscover or deepen your relationship with Jesus, your Lord and friend? If so the course, “who is this man?” will be for you. It is an interactive walk and talk through dramatisation of Luke’s Gospel, the Day of Pentecost, and St Paul’s teaching on the person of Jesus. Slides and music are an integral part of the presentation.

The course will run on Tuesday evenings, from 7pm until 9pm in the St Marys Church Hall, Woodbridge Road, for 14 weeks throughout Lent, Easter and Pentecost. The first meeting will be on Tuesday 20th February. All over 15 years of age are welcome. The cost of the course is £2 which covers the cost of printing your personal copy of the text, which will then be yours to keep. Martin and Lucy Pakes will be attending the first session and have three seats available to anybody that would like to attend.

Planning Application

Ipswich Borough Council has received a planning application from the owner of the property at No 2 Highfield Approach (across the road from the church adjacent to the church hall), for Extension, alteration and conversion of existing dwelling to create four two-storey, two bedroom dwellings with associated external works.

The parish, as a neighbour to the proposed development, has been notified and invited to submit any comments, but, due to the limited time available to canvass opinion in the parish as a whole, the parish as a body will not be doing so. Instead, any parishioners with a view on this proposed development may make individual comments by writing to the Council’s planning case officer or submitting comments online at

The public notice for this planning application is on the notice board in the narthex. The closing date for the submission of any comments is 28th February 2018.

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross will take place at 12:00 noon on each Friday during Lent, starting with Friday 16th February.

Church Gallery

The work on re-structuring the church gallery front wall, building the new confessional, the redecoration of the kitchen in the presbytery, the re-glazing of the window broken in the recent burglary, and the replacement of the radiator in Fr Mathew’s study is all now complete. We are once again indebted to the workers from Hollesley Bay who have worked so hard on our behalf to complete these works, and for all the parishioners who have provided meals and support over the past weeks whilst the work was carried out. Special thanks to Chris Croker, Jim Poll and Andrew Ford for overseeing these works.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Following the Parish Assembly held 24th September 2017, it was reported that we hoped to start Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday mornings after 9:30 Mass from the beginning of Advent, but this was subsequently deferred to the beginning of Lent. Fr Mathew has a previous commitment on Saturday 17th February, the first Saturday of Lent, and so Exposition will not start until the second Saturday of Lent, 24th February.

St Patrick's Night Ceilidh

On March 16th, the Friends of St Albans are holding a St Patrick’s Night Ceilidh in St Albans School Hall from 7:00 until 11:00 pm. There will be a licensed bar. Tickets available from Geraldine Byrne (01473 270472), Jo Chow (01473 620082) or the school reception (01473 726178). Admission: adults £8 children (14-18) £5.

Lenten Family Fast day 2018

Friday 23rd February is the CAFOD Lenten Family Fast Day. This is an opportunity to support our brothers and sisters who don’t have enough to eat. On Friday 23rd, can you give up a meal, or eat a simple meal, in solidarity? With malnutrition still killing almost three million children a year, your fasting, prayers and donations will ensure more of God’s children have enough good food to eat. And this Lent, your donation will make double the difference – every £1 donated to CAFOD will be matched by the UK government up to £5 million. Please think carefully about what you can do this year to make this Lenten appeal a memorable one.

Catholic East Anglia

The February edition of the Diocesan newspaper, Catholic East Anglia, is now available in the narthex. Please take a copy – there is no charge! The editor, Keith Morris, is keen to identify communications champions in each parish who would send in news items and pictures and help distribute the paper, making sure it is displayed prominently and handed out at the end of Mass. If you would be interested in this role at St Mary Magdalen parish, please speak to Fr Mathew or advise him using the contact form on the web site.