Old Organ

We have successfully re-homed our old organ - it has been taken to a church in Poland this week. Grateful thanks to those who helped at short notice with a bit of muscle power to help remove it from the gallery.

We have also removed two pews from the gallery to be taken to our friends at Hollesley Bay to be stripped and refurbished to match the rest of the church benches. The two benches that were adjacent to the sanctuary have been put up in the gallery to replace these. Again grateful thanks to those who helped to manhandle these.

Catholic Women's League - Cake Stall

The Ipswich Catholic Women's League will be holding a cake stall at St Pancras church after the 9:30 and 11:00 Masses on Sunday 8th October in aid of Syrian refugees in Ipswich. If you can bake for this good cause, please bring the cake(s) to the church at the 10:00 Mass on Saturday the 8th October, or alternatively, contact Monica Ford on 01473 212855 who will arrange for them to be collected.

Fatima Visitation to the Cathedral

Here are the highlights of the Centenary Year of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart ofOur Lady’s apparitions from May to October 1917. At Fatima on May 13th May 2017 Francisco and Jacinta were canonized by Pope Francis, who thus became the first children in the history of the Church to become saints in the ordinary course of their family life. The visitation of their relics to England and Wales began on Saturday February 18, when Cardinal Nichols received, blessed and crowned the Statue in Westminster Cathedral. The Visitations will continue until October. On September 23 and 24, the Statue and Relics will be visiting St John’s in Norwich, and the highlight of the week- end will be Holy Mass said by Bishop Alan. You can find the detailed programme in the Narthex.

Ignite Team

The Ignite Team for the diocese was set up in 2015 in order to further spread and promote the Gospel message among the young people of the diocese through running various events in parishes. There is a leaflet at the back of the church explaining the ways the team can help different parishes. Please take one today as it might help our Parish Open Meeting on 24th. Alternatively, you can download a copy here.

Ignite Information Sheet.pdf

Parish Assembly

We were unable organize a meeting of the Parish Assembly for the last several months, but, as announced earlier, we are going to have one now on 24th September after the Mass at 10.00 am. It is an open meeting and we aim to limit it to one hour to encourage maximum participation. It will be more of a ‘listening meeting’, giving the wider parish an opportunity to air their views as to how to move forward as a welcoming, loving, supportive and lively parish community. Every parishioner is encouraged to attend irrespective of to which Mass you normally go.

CAFOD World Gifts

Summer is officially over and, like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. Perhaps this year you might consider charitable gifts? World Gifts are CAFOD's charity gift range of different presents that will delight your family and friends. Their alternative gifts will help transform the lives of poor communities and families in developing countries. How about some "Chirpy Chickens" for grandma or "Emergency Water" for Uncle Tom? Visit CAFOD's web site at www.cafod.org/worldgiftsto see the whole range. You can order on-line or by telephone on 0800 14 000 14.

There is a copy of the latest CAFOD magazine Side by Side in the Narthex. Please have a look to see how CAFOD is helping our poorer brothers in the developing nations. It is the only copy so please do not remove it.

Marython Men's Challenge

On Saturday 16th September, a walk will take place from Kings Lynn to Walsingham (approx 25 miles) led by Fr Henry Whisenant. There will be Rosary and confessions en-route with Mass in Walsingham. There is no age limit, but all those intending to walk must be able to complete the distance. Further details can be obtained from Fr Whisenant by email henry.whisenant@rcdea.org.uk

Confirmation 2017-18

Confirmation registration forms are now available at the back of the church. Please take one and return it as soon as you can.

Provisional programme for St Mary Magdalen, St Pancras and St Mark’s, Ipswich:

August -September 2017 - parishes to advertise for candidates for Confirmation in May 2018

Preliminary meeting - Friday September 29th St Marks at 7pm

Programme details to be outlined include:

• the importance of Confirmation in the sacramental life of the Church

• the commitment necessary for involvement in the programme

• practicalities of the programme such as dates, times and venues of meetings etc

• essential paperwork needed for Confirmation

• what the candidates expectations are of the programme

All sessions will take place on Fridays except when otherwise stated.

Candidates will be asked to bring bibles to each session which will finish at approximately 8.15pm. YouCat and YouCat Prayer Books will be provided for each candidate. NB depending on the numbers and parishes of those attending, the venue for meetings after October 20th will need to be agreed. October 20th St Mark’s Parish Hall 7pm - Who is God? Who am I? More details will be discussed at that meeting. The aim is to celebrate the Confirmations at the end of May 2018.

Caritas East Anglia

Caritas East Anglia is an initiative to enhance social outreach in the Diocese. There is a vacancy for a volunteer to be appointed as the Director of Caritas East Anglia. As a new appointment, the Director will have the opportunity to develop this important aspect of the diocesan mission, working to the Social Outreach Management Team to provide material support and assistance to the poor, deprived and vulnerable members of society in the Diocese. For full details, please apply by post to Caritas East Anglia, The White House, 21 Upgate, Poringland. Norfolk NR14 7SH, or call 01508492540 or by email to caritas@rcdea.org.uk.

Gift Aid and Financial Matters

A summary of the income and expenditure of the parish for 2016 is now available in the narthex. Please take a copy home and review it. Our finance committee has prepared a sheet on the Gift Aid scheme - see the Finance pages for more details. More than half of our collections was not Gift Aided last year. You have already paid income tax for the money you give to the church and the government is ready to give that tax money back to the parish at no cost to you as long as you complete a Gift Aid declaration form. In recent years, setting up a standing order has become more popular than putting cash in the collection basket - if you would like to do this, please complete the mandate form available in the narthex or you can download it here. Once completed, take the form to your bank who will make the necessary arrangements. Alternatively, you can set up a standing order yourself if you have access to internet banking. The details you will need to do this can be found on the finance pages

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