The Committee

This year, 2022-2023, there have been some changes to the sub-committee that oversees the running of the 150 Club. With the change to our parish priest, Fr Paul Spellman takes over from Canon Mathew George as the new titular head of the sub-committee, which reports to the parish Finance Committee. Mrs Dorothy Casey continues in her role as Promoter which she has filled since March 2017 and Michael Long continues to act in the role of secretary/treasurer.

The Club auditor is Mr M Mayston, who has fulfilled this role for over 30 years, and to whom we remain very grateful for this service.

The Club is registered with the local authority under the Gambling Act 2005, the regulator which oversees the Club activities being Ipswich Borough Council. Any query in regard to the Club's operation should initially be directed to the Secretary - use the contact form here and select 150 Club from the drop down recipient selection list.

If necessary, the regulator can be contacted as follows quoting registration reference LA0105:

Ipswich Borough Council
Licensing & Enforcement
4th Floor, Grafton House
15-17 Russell Road
Telephone 01473 433075