We ask your prayers for all our brothers and sisters who are unwell, afflicted or distressed. Comfort and relieve them according to their needs, and grant them the love and consolation of your Spirit: John Anderson-Hurst, William Barnes, Peggy Barron, Jason Beaumont, Michael Clarke, Sheila Curry, Fabiana Di Mascio, Patrick Doran, Ron Green, Josephine Kalagira, Jo Kelly, Molly Mc Garry, Yvonne Metcalfe, Robert Mullan, Anna Nelli, Mary O’Reilly, Pippa Williamson and Carol Sims.

Fr Mathew is preparing a list of the housebound who would like a regular visit from a priest or a Eucharistic Minister so that they can be offered adequate pastoral care. If you know someone who would like a visit from a priest, with their permission please pass on their details to Fr Mathew.