The Club year runs from April to March and we are just embarking on the the 2017-18 year - our 33rd year. Unfortunately, the membership level has fallen in recent years from a peak in 2011, and we are keen to increase membership levels again so that both contributions to the parish and the value of the prize fund increase.

If you are not a member of this fund raising venture, please do join - we need your support. You can apply using a form available at the rear of the church or by downloading the application from here. Return the form either to the presbytery, pop it in the collection plate at any Mass or email it to the 150 club secretary using the contact form.

List of 2016-17 Prize Winners

A complete list of prize winners for the year 2016-2017 can be downloaded here.


April Prize Draw

The winning numbers in the April prize draw, which was made on Sunday 6th May, are shown below:



No 29

Mr & Mrs T Smith



No 163

Mrs T Rose



No 145

Mr & Mrs A Iannelli



No 86

Mrs O Burton

150 Club Overview

The St Magdalens 150 Club was started in 1984 as a primary source of additional fundraising within the parish. Since that time, the Club has raised over £78,000, has given more than £32,000 in prizes and has contributed over £45,000 to the parish.

The Club is run by a sub-committee of the Parish Finance Committee. It is registered with Ipswich Borough Council under the Gambling Act 2005 (registration number LA/0105).

Subscriptions to the Club cost £1 per subscription per month, payable monthly, half yearly or annually as preferred by the subscriber. 12 monthly draws take place, usually on the last Sunday of each month, after the 10:00 a.m. mass with 4 cash prizes awarded each draw. 4 Quarterly draws take place in June, September, December and March when bonus prizes are drawn.

Goodbye and Hello

This year, 2017-18, there have been some changes to the sub-committee that oversees the running of the 150 Club. Mrs Magdalen Jermy, who has been the promoter since 1995, has stepped down after her lengthy stint and we offer her our grateful thanks for her work supporting the Club during this period. We are also very grateful to Mrs Dorothy Casey who has taken on the role vacated by Magdalen and will act as promoter going forward. Michael Long continues to act in the role of secretary/treasurer and Fr Mathew George is the new titular head of the sub-committee, which reports to the parish Finance Committee.

Accounts for 2017-2018

The Club accounts for last year, ending 31st March 2018, have been audited, signed off and reported to the Local Council as required by the Gambling Act. The results are:

Total income: £2,676

Prizes awarded: £1,045 (39%)

Expenses: £20

Parish Contribution: £1,611

Thank you to everybody who supported the Club last year and in the previous years past. We do need new subscribers to help boost the numbers which are down on previous years. If you are not a member, please do consider joining - details can be found in this section. If you are already a member, please consider increasing your membership.

List of 2017-18 Prize Winners

A complete list of prize winners for the year 2017-2018 can be found in the Narthex or you can download a copy here.