Standing Orders

Offerings to the Church may be made using the HMRC Gift Aid scheme. If you would like to make weekly offerings via the collection plate at Mass, and you are a UK tax payer, please register for the scheme - speak to any member of the finance committee or use the contact form. Once signed up, you will be issued with a set of envelopes to use in making your weekly offering.

However, in recent years it has become more popular to make donations by standing order direct from your bank account rather than via the collecting plate at Mass. If you would like to set up a standing order, you can do so using internet banking. Set up a recurring payment to:

St Mary Magdalen Roman Catholic Parish

Barclays Bank plc, Ipswich, Princes Street branch

Sort code: 20-44-51

Account number: 70777323

Alternatively, you can complete a standing order mandate form. Blank forms are available in the narthex, or you can download a form here.

Bank Standing Order Mandate.pdf

Complete the form, sign and date it and take it to your bank branch which will then set the payment up for you.

Don't forget, however you submit your offerings, if you register with the Gift Aid scheme the parish can claim back from the Government the income tax you have already paid on your offering. It costs you nothing and it allows the church to claim back 25 pence from the Government for every £1 of your offering.

Finance Committee

The St Mary Magdalen parish finance committee, which is a mandatory support team to assist the parish priest with the fiscal aspects of running the parish, consists of six persons:

Mr Chris Croker - chairman

Fr Mathew George - parish priest

Mr John Anderson-Hurst- parish treasurer

Mrs Teresa Rose - Gift Aid coordinator

Mr Andrew Ford

Mr Declan Moore.

Any member of the finance committee can be approached if you have any questions or concerns about parish finances, or alternatively you can email your query using the contact form.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a scheme operated by the government that allows charitable organisations to reclaim the income tax that has been paid by donors on their charitable giving. For every £1 that you donate, you have already paid at least 25 pence in income tax. If you register for the Gift Aid scheme, the parish can reclaim that 25 pence of every £1 donated, increasing our income by 25%. This really is money for nothing - the government is willing to let us have the money, all you have to do is register under the Gift Aid scheme for the donations that you already make! It costs you nothing and can make a huge difference to the parish.

The rules of the scheme are simple and few:

1. You must complete a Gift Aid registration form.

2. You must pay income tax of at least as much as can be claimed back (25% of your donations) - non-taxpayers cannot join the scheme irrespective of how much they donate.

3. Only outright donations are eligible to be counted in your total giving - purchases for things like votive candles or newspapers cannot count nor can things like raffle tickets, or 150 Club subscriptions.

The parish finance committee has prepared a paper providing more information on the scheme which is available in the narthex or can be downloaded here.

SMM Gift Aid.pdf

If you would like to join, please complete a declaration form, again available in the narthex, speak to Fr Mathew or a member of the finance committee or down load the form here.

Gift Aid Declaration.pdf

Parish Accounts 2017

A summary of the income and expenditure of the parish for 2017 is now available in the narthex - please take a copy for your review and information. Should you have any queries on the accounts that you would like answered, please use the contact form on this site to submit your question.

A summary of the accounts can also be downloaded here.

Accounts 2017